2017 kitchen trends you should know about


Of course, a hype kitchen is all we want the next year and some 2016 trends are making their exist gracefully. Glad or not, we must embrace the new trends and keep up with them, especially when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, those areas of our houses being the ones putting them on the trend maps. These pieces of advice you will read below are also useful for those planning a house sale in 2017, helping them make smart investments for a fast and successful sale. However, if you want to see yourself what trends 2017 is preparing for you, you can visit a kitchen showroom Sheffield located, because, thank God, they have plenty of styles for you.

1. Tuxedo cabinets. Or in common language, black and white colour palette

Always is style and always classy, the black and white colour combination offers a great visual impact, especially in kitchens. Designers, especially, highly recommend this style for those looking forward for a hype kitchen, and luckily, the market got the idea. You can now find similar combinations for kitchen in specialised stores and showrooms, all for the previously mentioned purpose.

2. It’s all about that glossy finish

Sleek and glossy finishes will always have that special look, making each piece of furniture look stunning and classy. If classy is what you are looking for, then you should certainly go for that look. Also, if you plan selling a house fast, this is a great way of assuring your success. Buyers are all about those late trends and you will have them lining up at your front door only because that classy kitchen of yours.

3. Keep a neat kitchen with hidden appliances

Those times when showing off all your appliances was trendy and stylish are long gone. Try special cabinets able to hide those with success, and you will have a neat and sleek kitchen. You won’t be able to find those already made in stores, therefore, try working with a team of professional designers and have them by. They will carefully take measurements and create those specifically to your requirements.

4. Accent wall with wood panelling

Bring your grandma’s walls back and install wood panelling on one of your kitchen’s wall. Although it might sound dated, style is a cycle, always repeating itself. For now, that seems to be a hot trend in terms of kitchen design.