Bespoke Adhesive Suppliers – How to Spot The Middlemen

It is common knowledge that when it comes to securing the best deal and quality service, it is best to go direct. If one is on the market for bespoke adhesives for example, it is absolutely possible to get everything needed both via third-party resellers and directly from the supplier. According to the professionals at, more and more middlemen are emerging these days, using the Internet to set up their business on the side.

Unfortunately, working with middlemen usually means depriving oneself of the comprehensive customer service, expertise, special deals and low prices that would be more often than not available as standard when deciding to go direct. Nonetheless, a large number of business owners find themselves each and every day dealing with these third-party resellers, falling foul of believing they were the actual suppliers.

So, for everybody who would rather reap the benefits associated with going direct and in an ideal scenario avoid the middlemen, here is a short overview of some of the most effective ways of spotting which is which:

1 – Website Depth and Scope

First up, one of the easiest and indeed effective ways of all verifications to carry out is that of identifying whether or not it’s clear this is a seller that really knows that they are talking about. Simply put, it should be instantly evident from the depth and scope of information available on the site whether or not they’re the real deal. If for example there’s a lot of information regarding their primary specialism, range of products, their partners and affiliates, their success stories etc, it is quite obvious this is indeed a solid seller. If by contrast, there is almost no information with regard to the business itself, how and what it does, you could be looking at a third-party reseller.

2 – Professional Appearance

The same should also apply to the general professional appearance as it is not really expensive or difficult these days to run a professional website. As such, there is no excuse whatsoever for any online offerings that present the seller in question as anything but highly professional or industry-leading. There are no specific checks to carry out or yardsticks to bear in mind, just follow your gut feeling and ask yourself if they do indeed present themselves with the needed professionalism.

3 – Delayed Replies to Questions

Another immediate and highly effective way of verifying whether or not you are dealing with a real adhesives market leader is to get in touch and ask them a few questions. The truth is that if you are dealing with people who know what they are talking about, they would be able to answer your queries without delay. Additionally, they should also be in a position to give you a quote for whatever you need. By contrast, when you’re dealing with resellers it’s considerably more likely they will not be versed in the details of the subject, maybe relaying your queries elsewhere.

4 – No Feedback

It is just a case of simple common sense these days to make sure that testimonials and feedback are given consideration in full before going ahead and making an order. In general, there are only two types of companies out there for which testimonials are usually absent from the equation – one being the third-party reseller, the other being the downright dodgy provider. Whichever way you consider that, there is really no way of verifying exactly how capable or otherwise a seller is until you consider the opinions and thoughts of those who have done business with them personally. So if there is just no feedback present to be found, you are taking a risk going further.

5 – Weird Contact Details

Last up, another fantastically easy way of instantly spotting which of the supposed providers out there is in fact a middleman is to take a look at their contact details. If it is a reliable, established and reputable brand, they will have a registered business number, address, email address and so on. On the other hand, if it’s just some random person working in their back bedroom, you will not doubt find only a mobile phone number and address, Gmail email address and so on.