Best Garden Design Ideas

Whether you live in an urban area where you are constantly surrounded by noise you are somewhere away from the city, it’s important to have a place where you can relax, preferably in the garden. There are plenty of ideas and solutions for designing the garden of your dreams, and in this article we will show just some of the most amazing ideas for designing your garden, so keep reading.

Keep your lawn in best shape

The lawn should not be missing from any garden, whatever its size. The main advantage is that the decor will remain green until the first frost. Grooming and maintaining your lawn so that it appears elegant is highly crucial, so make sure to use the best lawnmover 2016 unit to trim the grass with ease.

Choose a gas lawn mower if you want something more powerful and fit for uneven terrains, but if you want to use something that is safe for the environment, it’s best to stick with an electric lawn mower. Lately, electric lawn mowers have become increasingly popular, since their efficiency has also increased. Nowadays, you will be surprised to discover that most of the best lawnmover 2016 units are electric.

Water features

You can brighten up your garden by creating an unique pond. You can use natural materials such as concrete or stone to line the pond, but make sure to add plenty of colorful plants, such as water lilies. If you want your pond to be more animated, you can populate it with different species of exotic fishes, or with water-loving birds such as ducks or geese. It is said that water is good for the spirit, according to the feng shui belief. In this case, the sound of running water coming from a cascade can be obtained by using river stones of various sizes.

Add a green wall in your garden

One idea would be to create your own oasis of relaxation, away from everybody by using high fences, trees and pergolas. To create a “green wall”, you can choose vines, bushes and tall shrubs. The fence can be set up with the aid of wooden pergolas, on which ivy will soon grow. Obviously, one can opt for other climbing plants, such as wild vines, roses, clematis, wisteria etc.

Outdoor furniture

Nowadays, most homeowners prefer planning the garden as an extension of the living room, so the floor, furniture, lighting and decoration choices are extremely important. So the first thing you need to do is to pick outdoor furniture made of natural materials such as metal, wood or natural stone that can withstand low or high temperatures. Don’t forget to add a small heater that will keep you warm during the cold summer nights.