Best Ideas for Organizing the Laundry Room

Laundry rooms can soon become storage spaces to store your coats, backpacks, shoes or anything else that gets thrown at the entrances. In order to keep your laundry room clean and organized, avoid using it as storage space to create clutter and use some low-cost organizing ideas instead. In this next article, you will present you the best organizing ideas for your laundry room, so keep reading.

Designate a work surface

In order to keep things neat and tidy around your laundry room, consider creating a working surface in the room. Whether you choose to add a small table or install a wide counter-top over your washing machine, make the most use out of that space to sort all of your cleaning supplies or simply use it to fold or sort out your clothes.

Storing your cleaning supplies

A common source of frustration of most homeowners is trying to find a place for storing the cleaning supplies in the laundry room. Installing a few shelves over your washing machine or an open-top storage container can help you organize all of your cleaning supplies, so that the next time you need something, you can easily grab it and use it right away, instead of trying to find it in a huge pile of bathroom accessories. A carry-all caddy is also an ideal solution for storing your cleaning supplies or other small bathroom accessories because it keeps everything in place.

The right way to dry clothes

If you have a small and narrow laundry room, chances are you are struggling to find available place for drying your clothes on the drying rack. Your best solution in this case would be to install a clothes dryer that can placed near the washing machine or on top of the washing machine, if it allows. Drying your clothes inside your laundry room is not the best idea because you can make the environment humid and create a mold problem, so it’s advisable to use a clothes dryer to do your laundry.

Use a clothes steamer instead of an iron

For more convenience, consider replacing your regular iron with the best rated steamer for clothes. Not only it’s a faster and more effective solution for removing wrinkles from your clothes but you can save more space this way. Ironing boards can take a lot of space in the laundry room, so unless you have a large laundry room, consider investing in the best rated steamer for clothes. You can easily store the steamer on a top shelf above your clothes dryer or in a drawer within your reach to quickly use it on the spot.