Best Solutions for an Organized Vanity Table

Your vanity table can look messy if you randomly throw your beauty products or hair styling devices and you certainly don’t want it to look that way. Therefore, you must figure out ways to be more organized and to keep your vanity table neat and clean. Check out below our organizing solutions for a tidy and functional vanity table.

Wall shelves to capitalize every inch

It would be hard to fit all your makeup products and styling tools such as hair straighteners or hair dryers in the drawers of one small vanity table, so you should use the walls around the table. Small shelves that will hold all your things will come in handy and will help you keep the table uncluttered and organized. Build as many shelves as you need and arrange all your beauty products so everything will be within reach. Also, you can look for a flat iron that will help you both straight and curl your hair, thus occupying less space in your shelves. If you want to know more about such a product, you can check the babyliss pro iron flat ratings and find out more about this product that will definitely be very helpful for keeping your vanity table organized.

Labeled boxes for easily finding what you need

Don’t you hate it when you need to find something and you have to go through every box on your vanity table? If you do, then you should consider labeling your boxes so you will know exactly what’s inside. Organize all your beauty products, your hair accessories, your jewelry and any other items you hold in your vanity area so you will know exactly where to look for a specific item.

Drawer dividers for more space in the drawers

Instead of throwing everything in a drawer and having to create mess just for finding something, use drawer dividers that keep items in place. You can decide the size of the dividers according to the size of the items you want to store so you can customize the drawers’ content. This way, when you will open a drawer, you will have a clear view of everything that’s inside the drawer.

Hang baskets on the back of the doors

A perfect organization means having everything in place and taking advantage of every area that can become a storage area. The same goes for the back of your vanity table’s doors, where you can hang baskets that can hold your larger beauty products like the blow dryer, the flat iron, the curler, or the hair brushes. Nevertheless, you should look for products which are more compact, as for example babyliss pro iron flat, that will not only delight you with great features, but it will also look great on your hang baskets.

Color-label your lipsticks

Finding the right lipstick color you are looking for is the most annoying thing for girls who have dozens of distinct lipsticks. A great way to know which lipstick case hides a certain shade is to label the lipsticks by color. You can easily do that by applying some lipstick on small pieces of adhesive tape and sticking the pieces to each lipstick case. This way, you will no longer have to open each case to see the shade. You can also do this with eye shadow cases and other makeup products.