Contemporary Interior Designs

Once in a while, it’s good to change the way your home looks. If you are looking to make a simple and powerful change to the interior design of your home, you should go with the contemporary design. It’s not pretentious and it’s extremely spectacular. If the idea of a contemporary interior design appeals to you, read the following lines to get some great ideas and advice for making this change.

Bedroom design ideas

As we said before, the contemporary interior design is simple and powerful. If you look at the picture shown above, you will notice that the bedroom isn’t crowded with a lot of furniture pieces. Also, there are 3 basic colors used for its design – red, white, and black. To create a contemporary bedroom design, you have to stick to the same principles. Combine the colors red, white, and black to create a simple, clean, and spectacular appearance for the bedroom. Also, don’t overdo it with the furniture. A bed, a classy armchair, a small table, and a discreet library will suffice. Also, instead of the classic nightstands, go with 2 decorative pieces. These can either be 2 plants or 2 sculptures that you like.

Living room design ideas

Just like the bedroom, the living room has to be simple and clean. Combine black and white for this bedroom to give it a modern feel. Also, stick to as little furniture as you can. A big sofa, a coffee table, a TV, and a bar somewhere in a corner are all the items that you need for a contemporary living room. If you want to combine the white and black color thematic perfectly, try to make it resemble the picture shown above as much as you can. Also, don’t forget about greenery. In a black and white living room, nothing stands out more than a couple of plants around the room.

Kitchen design ideas

You don’t have to display a ton of appliances in a contemporary kitchen. It’s better to stick to minimalist and useful appliances on display. The rest can be hidden in the counters if you really need them. Use an over-the-range microwave instead of the classic countertop version. Leave the counters as free as possible. Place on one of them the coffee maker because it’s the only kitchen appliance that is actually used often. When it comes to the kitchen island, you can integrate the stove in it to save space. Follow the design shown in the picture above if you aren’t sure about how to create this arrangement.

Bathroom design ideas

The contemporary bathroom has to look bright and clean. A see-through shower, a classy bathtub, a toilet, and a double sink with 2 mirrors are everything that you need. If you want to have a discreet place to store your towels and everything else that you use in the bathroom, go with a compact cabinet like the one shown in the picture above. The best combination of colors to go with for a modern bathroom is black and white. Don’t stray from it and you are ensured to have a clean and spectacular bathroom.