Drain blockage – prevention methods you should know


Drain blockage represents a common problem for many households and it usually occurs following the mistakes made by the homeowners. Throwing all types of items and food waste in the sink and the toilet or not cleaning the drainage regularly are main causes that lead to blockage. We all have this harmful habits and it is time to get rid of them because it affects our home and wellbeing. In addition, nobody wants to deal with a blocked drainage system. Not only is it a nuisance, but also a time consuming and expensive process. In conclusion, you have to inform yourself about prevention methods and start applying them. It requires a small amount of attention and effort but it can save you a lot of trouble.

Do not throw food waste in the sink

The most harmful habit people have that affects drainage systems is throwing leftovers, grease, hair and other items, which are considered the biggest enemies in situations like this. Not cleaning the pipes regularly represents another cause that leads to drain blockage. Knowing the causes for a drain block is important because you can avoid or prevent them. When it comes to food waste, throwing it in the sink is the most fast and convenient way but this is a mistake. The trash must become your first option because it will keep your wastes without causing damages to your home drainage system.

Cover the drain opening

You cannot stay alert or monitor the actions of the other family members permanently. At some point, someone will throw something down the drain that could have negative effects and lead to blockage. For this reason, the best solution is to cover the drain opening with a grate or a screen. This will impede various wastes to accumulate in your drain system. You can purchase them easily from a near supply store but be careful to choose the adequate ones for your fixture. If you do not have the necessary knowledge, explain the situation to a professional and you will receive the needed help.

Homemade solutions for cleaning

We use homemade remedies for hair, skin and teeth so it should not come as a surprise that you can combine certain ingredients and make some mixtures that have the power to clean the drain.  Sodium bicarbonate and vinegar are your most efficient allies when it comes to maintaining your drainage in the bathroom and the kitchen. The first solution works for tubs or showers and sinks: first, you need equal amounts of vinegar, salt and sodium bicarbonate. Pour the last two into the drain and then pour vinegar. However, in order to go down the drain you have to add boiling water. If you do this in the evening, it will allow the solution to act. Another method suitable if your sink has garbage disposal is combining vinegar and clear water. Put them in an ice cube tray and throw them into the disposal. If you want to avoid the strong smell, lemon can help you.