Elegant and sophisticated decorations for a girl’s room

Your room should look amazing because it is like your unique universe. You must stop thinking about the fact that you don’t have enough money in order to make your room look exactly how you want. But this is just a wrong believe considering the fact that you can create some decorations using just some old objects from your attic or storage closet. You will be impressed to see how many beautiful things you can do using old and broken objects. If you want to create something amazing, you should consider buying some elegant ribbons from The Ribbon Room and make your decorations look even fancier. Don’t worry because you don’t need to create something extremely complicated or impossible. You are the designer now, so you establish the rules. Don’t forget that it is not good to hurry, so make sure that you will prepare for this with patience.

Romantic and unique lampshade

If you want to have a romantic room, you should know that little decorations could change everything. For example, you should try to use an old lampshade and transform it into a unique decoration. You will say that this is not possible considering the fact that once a lampshade has been broken, it can be repaired anymore. Fortunately, this is also wrong because you don’t have to fix it, you have to redesign it. If you will buy some beautiful ribbons, you will be able to use them in so many different ways. If you like to do a meticulous job, you should use as many ribbons as possible because you will need a lot of them in order to cover the whole lampshade. You have to tie them from one end to another and that’s all. However, the most difficult part is choosing the right models of ribbons because they must look good together.

Redecorate your old furniture

It is very important to change the ambient from time to time, but this thing can be very expensive. Fortunately, there is something that you can do without spending a lot of money. You can simply start to paint the furniture using a pastel colour. Don’t be afraid to do that because it is very simple and you will have a lot of fun too. Wait until the paint will dry very well and don’t forget to add even more style to it. Use some little ribbons and place them on the handles, but be careful not to make it look too loaded.