Exotic Garden Ideas

With a small dose of creativity and the right plants, you can turn your boring and plain looking garden into a spectacular exotic garden that will make you feel like you’re on a vacation whenever you sit in it. Everything that you need to make an exotic garden are the right plants, a sunny location, and a well-drained soil. If you want to find out some great exotic garden ideas that you can try yourself, read the following lines.

Plants to go with

When you create an exotic garden, you have to pick certain plants that are native to exotic locations. The best plants to go with are banana trees, begonias, bromeliads, ferns, hostas, palm trees, rhododendrons, cycads, wild ginger, and bamboo. They are not high maintenance, therefore, don’t worry too much about them being pretentious. The impact on the appearance of your house if you use these plants in your exotic garden will be huge. All the people who will enter your property and gaze upon the beauty of your garden will surely envy your tastes.

Furniture pieces

In an exotic garden, you might be tempted to overdo it with various furniture pieces to have more angles from which to admire the beauty of the environment. But the fact is that it’s better to keep things simple. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a morning coffee in the garden, you can place a beautiful wooden table with 2 chairs somewhere in the back of the garden. Due to the fact that you will be surrounded by the gorgeous plants, you will breathe in clean, fresh air while admiring a beautiful sight that will make you smile. Also, you can place an outdoor sofa on which you can lay and take naps when summer comes. Another great addition to the exotic garden is a gazebo. If you add a gazebo, you can place the table and chairs in it to stay protected from the bad weather if it starts raining and you’re out for a drink in the garden.

Pavers or wood

When it comes to the space that is left unpopulated with plants, you can create paths that lead to various places in the garden. You can make these paths from pavers or wood planks. You can use the rest of the space that isn’t populated with plants and on which you haven’t created a path to make a gorgeous lawn. The sea of green that will invade the surroundings will make everything look like a dream. Although, don’t forget that if you have a lawn in the garden you have to water it regularly and to mow it as well. Install a sprinkler system and set it to water the whole place at a set hour in the morning every day for you to not have to water it yourself. When it comes to mowing the lawn, invest in a quality lawn mower that is appropriate for the size of your garden. Mow the lawn with it once per week to keep the grass tamed.