Fixing the house or selling it as it is – what should you do?


If you are about to list your property on a real estate platform, but you know it is not really in the ideal condition, then there is probably one question you are searching answer for: should you invest in renovations before selling, or just present the house as it is? Needless to say, this is one of the most popular question people ask their professional real estate consultants. In spite of this, you might be surprised to find out that there is no right answer to that and that the best decision depends on a large number of variables. Among these, the most important ones are the status of the real estate market, the condition of competing inventory and also the condition of the property. All these should be taking into consideration when calculating the likelihood of return on investment.

Repairing before selling

Real estate experts claim that they have witnessed situations where owners invest a lot of money in fixing their properties, before listing them. So, if you want to make sure you are not throwing money off your window, their advice is to talk to an experienced and qualified agent before starting any repairs. They will help you evaluate the situation, check for damage and see how much investment is actually sustainable, given the amount you can receive in exchange for the house. Get information you can rely on, to make the right decision and sell home fast in Largo. Fix only the issues one might find hard to ignore, but remember that the new owners may also want to make changes and borrow part of their personality to the house.     

Selling the home as it is

Taking into consideration the above mentioned detail, that each new owner wants to arrange the house as they please, selling the property in its current condition seem to be the ideal choice. No more hiring a contractor for repairs, no more evaluating damages and no more time invested in choosing on behalf of the next owner. At first glance, this sounds ideal – but remember that no one wants to live in a home that looks as if nobody has taken care of. This means that you should pay attention at least at things such as fresh painting, clean ceilings and solid supply systems.

As you can see, fixing the house or selling it as it is, is a tough call to make. What you must do is think about what your target clients would like: buying a cheaper property they can remodel from scratch, or moving into a home that is ready to live in.