From Trash to Treasure – Redecorating Your Home with Upcycled Furniture is the New Eco Trend


Upcycling seems to be the new eco-friendly home decorating trend, and we couldn’t be happier about this! Upcycling is the process of repurposing an old item, furniture item in our case and giving it a fresh, new air by improving its appearance. Many seem to prefer this option when it comes to redecorating their homes because it is a more affordable and environmental-friendly one, while offering the property a particular shabby-chick appearance. Below are some tips to integrate such pieces of furniture in your property’s general design.

Find your inspiration online

Finding inspiration on the Internet, on platforms such as Pinterest might be the greatest and more suitable start you can give to your upcycled furniture integration process. You will shortly notice how all types of interior designs, even modern, minimalist ones, seem to benefit from such additions. You can add some accents such as vintage chairs or a vintage mirror, or an astounding ottoman, with golden accents. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are able to beautifully integrate it into your home’s general design.

Find the right upcycled furniture retailer

Some retailers have an amazing reputation, search for those. They most likely have high ethical work practices, as the experts at Howss upcycled furniture claim. This will give you the certainty that no matter of the pieces that you pick, they are genuinely upcycled and not some bad replicas of vintage furniture. Also, this will give you the certainty that the pieces you will integrate into your design are truly eco-friendly. Upcycling is about looks, but most importantly, it is about preventing furniture from ending up in landfills.

Try to give old furniture pieces a fresh air yourself

If you have some old furniture pieces in your garage, you could simply try and upcycle those yourself. However, you need some skill and supplies for this, and if you haven’t previously dealt with such projects, you might find those lengthy and messy. However, YouTube is filled with “How To” tutorials that will help you manage better the process. Learn what the upcycling trends are currently, so you create a truly unique and highly personalised item. Generally, by applying a fresh coat of paint and replacing the hardware, you will achieve your goals. However, if you want floral paintings on your furniture, a big trend right now, better hire the services of a professional furniture restoration expert. They will be able to meet your needs and high standards.

The advantages offered by upcycled furniture go way beyond aesthetic ones, they help you lead a greener lifestyle, prevent old furniture pieces end up in landfills, and if you buy from reputable sellers, you help small family-owned businesses develop and become able to offer their products and services for a longer time. Understandably, upcycling has taken over many parts or people’s lives, and they prefer this alternative to expensive new items. Finally, environmental concerns are listened to!