Home décor inspiration – design unique decorations using ribbon

Ribbon are a fun element to use not only for gift wrapping or decorating your Christmas tree, but because there are so many colours and patterns on the market, you can use them to create unique decorations for your interior design as well. With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with the most beautiful and original decorations that will give your décor a touch of authenticity and style. You can easily find a wide range of decorative ribbons online, so you have plenty of options to choose form. Here are a few decorations you can create using ribbons:

Picture frame

One fun yet simple decorative element you can create with ribbon is a picture frame. You can either use an old picture frame or you can design one from scratch using cardboard. You will need some sticky glue, some fine straps of ribbon in different colour tones and a cardboard rectangle or old picture frame. Start gluing the pieces of ribbon on the edges, and secure them with some small pieces of tape. Add other accents as well, if you desire.


The tablecloths is probably the first thing you notice when walking inside the dining room. If you are tired of your old tablecloth and you cannot find one on the market that you like, you can give your current one a new design. Cut long pieces or ribbon, in a colour that complements the rest of the décor and start sewing them creating abstract pattern on the table cloth. You can leave the edges of the ribbon longer to give the tablecloth a more flowy effect.

Chair embroidery

Design some covers for your dining room chairs and create a unique embroidery using ribbons. You can either insert long straps a ribbon in a linear pattern, or sew a few pieces on the top and bottom of the cover, or simply leave your imagination running.

As you can see, there are great ways in which you can incorporate ribbon into your interior design. If you want to brighten up your décor, and give it a more stylish and exclusive vibe, then use ribbon and the results will certainly exceed your expectations. All you need to do is look for a reliable supplier online that can put at your disposal an extensive range of ribbons to choose from. Buy qualitative ones in the colours and patterns you like best, and start creating.