How to Create a Bedroom in the Attic

Are you looking to expand the living space of your house? Then you should put the attic to good use and turn it into a bedroom. If this idea seems the right choice for you, read the following lines to find out how you can create a bedroom in the attic.

What furniture you need for the attic bedroom

Try to not overcrowd the place with more than you actually need. In the bedroom that you created in the attic, stick to the basics. A queen sized bed big enough for two, a beautiful big carpet in front of it, a dresser, two nightstands, a vanity table with a chair, and an armchair that you can sit on to read a book are more than enough. After all, you’re supposed to sleep and relax in the bedroom. It should be a room that is free of distractions. Therefore, avoid adding a TV to the mix or any other electronic device that will keep you up at night.

How to decorate the attic bedroom

You need a lot of light in this bedroom. Therefore, make the walls and everything in the room in a light cream color to make it seem bigger and brighter. If you want to make it more lively, you can add plants to the room. Put pots wherever you can with your favorite plants inside them and you will get to breathe fresh air while prettying up the space as well.

Keep it warm with the LifeSmart LifePro LS-1000HH infrared heater

When the bad weather settles, you have to find a solution to make the attic warm if you want to sleep there. A great space heater to use in the attic is the LifeSmart LifePro LS-1000HH infrared heater. You can buy it for the price of $120. It can heat up a place that measures up to 1800 square feet. It offers 3 heat settings for you to choose from. It comes with a useful 12-hour timer. Also, it’s incredibly safe to use. This is all due to the fact that it automatically shuts off when it overheats or when it gets tipped over.

Cool off with the help of the Dyson AM07 tower fan

During summer, the heat in the attic will be insufferable. The higher you go, the worse it gets, and in a house, it doesn’t get any higher than the attic. Also, due to the fact that you are exactly under the roof, it will be a lot warmer than in the rest of the house. To make it through the summer and to cool off this area of the house, use the Honeywell HY 048bp tower fan. It will cost you $59 to buy this unit. We found a Honeywell HY 048bp review on, which convinced us that this is one of the most convenient ways to cool of a room. It is a lot cheaper than an A.C unit and it has a lot of great features. It even has temperature controls, which you usually only see in tower fans that cost twice or three times as much as the HY 048bp.