Pastel Kitchen Decor Ideas

They say the kitchen is the most important room in the entire house. For most, the kitchen is the most used room and where we spend much of the time, whether we dedicate some time for cooking or just grab a cup of coffee and talk with our partner or friends. We prepared some ideas for a modern kitchen decor inspired by the latest trends.

Choose colorful appliances

The toaster is already rusty. The coffee maker is stained and the food processor makes strange noises. The best solution: pick colorful appliances that will make your kitchen look more modern.

  • Choose a colorful bread maker
    Although there are several bread maker models available on the market that come in bright and vivid colors, finding a pastel one can be quite tricky. However, you can choose a traditional white bread maker if you can’t find a pastel model. After all, it’s more important to choose a functional and efficient bread maker.
  • Go with a pastel coffee maker
    In recent years small appliances were manufactured only in black and metallic colors. Now they are available in a variety of pastel colors, so you won’t have trouble finding a pastel coffee maker that will meet your needs. We like the Conair Cuisinart DCC-450PK 4-Cup coffee maker because it’s not only functional but has a fun design that will perfectly fit your kitchen theme.

Opt for fun accessories

If you want to design a modern and fun kitchen, you can choose decorative objects or certain pieces of furniture in many shades of pastel. Thus, if you want to get a playful look in your kitchen you can add several cushions in different colors or 2-3 colorful rugs. Therefore, you can have a room where two colors predominate or you can play with multiple pastel colors. Regarding the towels or the curtains in the kitchen, they can be matched to the color of the wall.Be careful to not go overboard with the accessories and decor items and try to keep in mind that all these different styles of furniture or decorations must go well together, otherwise your kitchen will look tacky.

Consider refurbishing the furniture

Paint the walls in your favorite color, then add furniture that is in the same color or for a better solution stick with white furniture. White will always make the room more airy and give the impression of space. Rearranging and refurbishing furniture can be an expensive and time-consuming process. However, this is a more affordable solution than buying brand new pastel furniture. You can repaint the countertops, chairs, kitchen table and cabinets and personalize them to your preference. If you want to have a modern kitchen, you can choose kitchen furniture, in simple colors such as a pale pink or lime.