Recommended Indoor Humidity for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are made of a natural material that responds to the changes of air humidity, hence the importance of maintaining a proper level of air humidity in rooms with hardwood floors. If you have hardwood floors at home, you should make air humidity a top priority and you should look for the best means that will help you keep the air moisture level under control.

The importance of a balanced indoor humidity

How moist the indoor air is has a huge importance in maintaining the comfort of your life regarding the overall aspect of your home. Air humidity fluctuations affect the structure of your home and make it less durable, not to mention they can damage its appearance. It’s essential to maintain a constant air humidity that will protect the walls of your home, will avoid damage to the paintwork, and will affect the aspect of hardwood floors. The adequate humidity level is around 30-40% and at this point, your hardwood floors will stay in perfect conditions.

How indoor humidity affects hardwood floors

Since hardwood floors are made of natural wood, they are sensitive to the changes of air humidity and should be kept away from both low and high humidity. The proper level of air humidity will protect the natural shine of hardwood floors and will prevent damage to the structure. In case the air humidity becomes too high, your hardwood floors will start to swell and to develop mold spots as the water vapors affect the wood. Also, a low air humidity can make the hardwood floors lose their shine, crack, and even break.

Ways to maintain the proper indoor humidity level

In rooms with hardwood floors, it’s best to install a humidistat that will let you know when the air humidity is becoming too dry or too low. Then, you must resort to the help of two essential devices that can prevent air humidity fluctuations, namely the humidifier and the dehumidifier. The first one is extremely beneficial in increasing the air humidity in case it drops too low while the second one is great for absorbing excess water from the air. Both units come with built-in humidistats that allow you to set the desired humidity level and they will work until that level is reached. With these two devices at home, you can be sure to have the right level of humidity in rooms with hardwood floors.