Scandinavian Design – Simple Tips & Tricks That Will Help You Make The Most Out of It


The Scandinavian home design has gained more and more popularity over the past few years, and this is understandable. Simple and clean, it succeeds to win the hearts of an incredible number of homeowners. However, while many aim to that flawless, spotless home, few succeed in implementing it in their homes. Below is a simple guide to getting that amazing Scandinavian interior design that you want.

Lighting is the key

When it comes to Scandinavian interior design, lighting plays an enormous role. Given the fact that up in the Scandinavian countries, natural light is limited, people pay increasing attention to the lighting they choose in their homes. This comes with the necessity to adapt and invest as well in some of the most effective lighting solutions. Hanging lights in a modern and industrial design seem to fit best in such houses. Look into those, as more and more retailers include in their offers such lighting solutions.

Pay attention to your furniture’s form and function

When it comes to furniture, clean and simple lines are the answer, claim the interior design experts at Matta Furniture. Your sofas, chairs and tables will look more appropriate if you consider such a style for your home, if they are as simple as possible. They should follow natural lines. The colour of your furniture matters as well. Natural hues are what you are searching for, as they will contribute to an easier and better integration in the overall design. Consider investing in multi-level and multi-sized shelving systems to increase the storage room in your home. This will also add an enormous visual interest to your space, if managed appropriately.

Light flooring is always better

Light greys, and even whites make perfect choices when it comes to Scandinavian interior design. Make sure that your flowing fits into these parameters, as this will contribute to creating a more appealing and cohesive visual interest to your entire space. Avoid at all costs wall-to-wall carpeting. This will never be encountered in Scandinavian homes. Traditionally, the floor is hard-wood, in its natural colour, or painted white or grey. This will not only make your home fit this specific design, but it will also make it look more spacious.

Neutral colour palettes

Also making the space appear bigger and open, neutral colours pay an incredible role when it comes to the Scandinavian interior design. Whites, grays, blacks, these will all make your home appear cleaner, bigger and cohesive. The role these nuances have is creating a calmer look and an overall appealing design. As of lately, designers have introduced some pops of colour, oftentimes a dusty pink.

These are some simple-to-follow tips and tricks which will help you plenty when it comes to getting that simple, clean and incredibly appealing Scandinavian interior design. Make sure to follow these rules and invest in appropriate pieces of furniture. Colours matter as well, so keep those calm and simple, for the best results.