Steps to follow when removing attic insulation

Many homeowners prefer to remove the attic insulation by their own, because they consider it a good way of saving money. So, if you notice that the attic insulation is not in a good shape, you should ask a professional company to come and assess its state, for seeing if it has to be removed or not. You might not be a professional in this domain, and you would not know exactly if you have to change it, or bring it some improvements. In case you think that you would not be able to handle the process by yourself, you should ask a company which provides Toronto insulation removal to come and handle the job, but before hiring a contractor, you should take a look at the following steps.

Buy special tools for removing the insulation

Before starting to remove the insulation by yourself, you should know that you have to use some professional tools. Therefore, you should visit a local shop and make sure to purchase a vacuum especially designed for this purpose, a ladder, goggles, a tarp, a respirator, gloves, long-sleeved shirt and long pants, and large garbage bags. All these tools might be expensive, so you should consider the costs of removing it by yourself, and asking a professional company to provide these services for you.

Prepare the area

No matter if, you remove the insulation by yourself or you ask an expert to do it, you have to prepare the area for this process. Therefore, you have to ask specialists come and see what type of insulation you have installed, and if it is comprised with asbestos. There are some kits available on the market, which would prove very useful in this case. You have to close the interior doors, which might allow loose insulation to get inside your house, because you do not want to let the pieces that contain mildew and mold to settle throughout the other rooms. Place the tarp in the spot where you intend to unload the filled garbage bags.

Start the removing process

You would have to use a wet-dry vacuum and place the material removed into garbage bags. After you vacuum all the loose insulation, and you take the bags away from the attic, you have to clean the attic joints with the same device, because you have to be sure that you remove also the tiny pieces of insulation which can infiltrate the air and get around your house. You have to start the vacuuming process of the joints in the farthest point of the attic, and walk backwards to the door of the attic. You have to keep the exposure to insulation at minimum, because even if you wear a mask, it might damage your health. If you want to avoid all this overwhelming process, you have the possibility to contract a professional company to do it for you, because they have experience in doing this, removing any risks, and they do not charge a large fee for their services.