The best SUVs of 2017, according to size

Each year, specialists in the automotive industry come up with tops regarding the best (and even worst) vehicles. However, it is very important for you to understand that a title such as “the car of the year” is not only very difficult to assign, but also not very accurate. There are several factors and criteria to be taken into consideration when evaluating automobiles, especially given their extremely different features and target market share. For this reason, the most reliable tops are the ones listing vehicles that belong to the same class, whose overall score is comparable within category. We have been making some research and can now present you with the best cart from the SUV segment, listed according to size:

Small SUV – Subaru Forester

For the SUV class, having a small car that is also performing is quite a lot! However, the Subaru Forester managed to obtain a high rate both from experts and from people who drive it. Due to its specifications, it is now considered a standard for small SUVs. It features a 2.0L H-4 engine that is powerful enough to take you from 0 to 60 mph in about 6 seconds, while its all-wheel drive will make you feel safe regardless weather and road conditions. The design is smooth and modern, it has plenty of room for a small car and a solid reliability, according to tests. In terms of performance and handling, the Subaru Forester is way above its rivals. The price for Subaru Forester is also quite convenient, which means you can now get your own top car of the year.                 

Midsized SUV – Toyota Highlander

The midsized SUV sector is probably one of the most competitive ones, with the most reputable brands competing for the podium. However, in 2017, it is Toyota that has managed to occupy the first place, with its majestic Toyota Highlander. The main reasons why this vehicle is above all the others are its light towing capability, generous space both for passengers (it has three row seating) and cargo, as well as high tech functionality. Besides all these, the automobile is quite reliable and safe, ensuring a hassle-free ride regardless the conditions. 

Luxury SUV – Audi Q7

The luxury category is always special, since premium cars are the ones that draw people’s attention each year. The model that has gained recognition this year is the Q7 by Audi, since it offers an experience similar to that of driving a luxury sedan rather than a utilitarian vehicle. In spite of being large, it is very agile and smooth on the highway, it features high-tech specifications and the design is elegant and neat. All these put together have earned it the first place in our top of premium SUVs.