The healthy home: silent dangers that might jeopardize your health


How would you describe the true meaning of your home? Do you find comfort in your bedroom’s disarrangement? Do you feel safe and valued by the poepl e living under the same roof with you? Do you sense the fragrant flowers beautifully arranged in the middle of the table and the hot tea in the kitchen? Do you hear the adroable laugh of your child? Do you view it as an inviting chaos or as a treasure keeping inside your childhood memories? Undoubtedly, home represents the softest and the safest place in the world… or not? It might be hard to accept that probably your favorite place from the enire world might become a harmful environment, but according to experts, the presence of carbon monoxide, pesticides, mold, carpet chemicals, dust mites and harsh cleaning products can lead to severe health conditions on the long term.

Prevent mold growth by letting fresh air come in

When your child desperately wanted to play outside, you could not help but worry about exterior dangers hovering around, but little you knew that inside the situation was not looking better. Starting with a common problem that many homeowners encounter, namely mold, it practically grows in damp and dark areas like basement, bathroom and even the closet. The mos timportant thing to remember is that milderw or mold can lead to concerning health issues. The best method to prevent the appearance fo this dangerous fungus is to keep the interios of your house dry by keeping the windows open often or using the right dehumidifier. Click here for details if you do not know what criteria to use when exploring the numerous options available in stores.

Clean all the carpets in the house regularly and rigorously

You probably never thought of it, but simple items placed in your room or that you use frequently, such as carpets or cleaning products also represent silent threats to you and your family’s health. According to studies, the chemicals in carpets can lead to breathing disorders, skin rashes, reproductive issues, liver damage and even cancer. You might wonder how something like this is possible. Well, the carpet does not represent a lethal weapon from the moment you buy it from the store. It becomes dangeros gradually due to exterior factors brought inside by people living inside the house, including you. If you have pets, then be sure that they compromise your carpet with their paws.

Dust mites represent a common cause of allergies

If at least one person in the house suffers from allergies, then you have to be aware that dust mites represent a real danger. Even though you cannot see them with the naked eye because they are microscopic, it does not mean that you should overlook their existence. Just like mold, they develop in moist environments and feed on dead skin, your skin to be more precisely. The main places they like to live include pillows, sheets and matresses. Practically, they sleep and wake up with you in bed.