The perfect outdoor setting – choosing the right wedding marquee


With not that much time left until your big day, you are probably caught up in numerous planning responsibilities. The place where you will be holding your reception is one of the things that need your attention first. If you have decided to go with a romantic outdoor setting for the wedding party, renting a marquee for the day will probably be necessary. While this might not seem like a  complicated task – after all, there are so many rental deals available – if you don’t want to make any mistakes that could ruin how much you or your guests enjoy this special event, you should make this decision with more care. The following details will help you out in this department:


Start with the most relevant factor of them all, size. Because you probably don’t want a tent that is too small to accommodate all your guests, and leave everyone feeling crowded, nor one that is too big, leaving the tables looking scattered all around, you will have to choose marquee dimensions properly. Start by looking over your guest list once again, keeping in mind that more or less people may show up, and discuss with the marquee rental company regarding the most suitable option for the size of your wedding. has to offer more than enough choices in this department, so you won’t have problems finding the marquee dimensions desired.


Consider how much money can you afford spending on the marquee hire, this being influenced by your overall wedding budget. If your financial possibilities are rather limited, you should resort to a company that can be flexible regarding fees, having affordable hire offers for you. However, remember that with a bit more money, you may benefit from appealing tent extras, so while you should not exceed your budget, avoid making cheap choices if you want your marquee wedding to be glamorous and chic.

Customisation possibilities

Whether it’s a specific flooring option you have seen somewhere and want to opt for, or a certain lighting system, it’s important to collaborate with a marquee hire firm that can agree on customising your marquee exactly the way you desire. While some companies give you the possibility of working around your personal taste and preferences, others have more standard rental packages, so you should inform yourself about this detail from the start. As long as the marquee can be beautified in a manner that goes well with the theme of your wedding, things will become more convenient for you.

It’s hard to go wrong with an outdoor reception for your wedding, considering how elegant, and romantic this option is, but because you probably don’t want unpredictable changes of weather to affect your big day, holding the party in a marquee is the better alternative. However, with so many choices in this department, you will need to think some things through in order to opt for one that suits perfectly your specific needs. When you are browsing through your list of options, make sure to use these guidelines to your advantage.