This is how to use a metal detector


So, you are thinking about trying the metal detecting hobby. While some argue that determining where coins and other objects reside is not exactly one of the most enjoyable pastimes, at least it is a lucrative one. Obviously, for this hobby you will need a metal detector. What you have to keep in mind is that not all equipment is equal, which means that you will not get the same results by using an entry-level device. If you genuinely want to engage in treasure hunting, you need to get your hands on a Whites metal finder. Equally important is knowing how to correctly use this kind of equipment. Although operating a metal detector is not brain surgery, it will take some time before you get used to it. To understand how an instrument that detects the presence of hidden objects works and, most important, how you should be using one, read the following.

Get acquainted with the metal detector

The first thing you will need to do is become familiar with the metal detector. This technology will play an important part of your hobby, so it is worth making an effort to discover it. What you need to know is that the electronic instrument is equipped with a sensor that lets you know when you are near jewelry or pennies. The vast majority of detectors use VLF technology, in other words very low frequency. No matter how your tool works, it is necessary to read the user’s manual and learn a little bit more about the technology inside. The fact is that the metal finder may not be simple to operate, so you will have to do more than just turn it on. Fortunately, the booklet will give you all the info you need.

Pick a good spot

Every professional will tell you that you have to find a good spot. But what makes a good spot? Well, you have to go to areas that are visited quiet regularly, such as parks. Other great places where you can find valuable objects like rings are churches, recreation areas and seaside beaches. You have to pay attention to the fact that for some of these areas you will have to get permission to search for metals. Although it seems highly unlikely to find anything in these places, they are actually hiding dozens of valuables. Once you have found a good spot, it is essential to learn the right technique.

What to keep in mind about using a metal detector

You will not be able to master the equipment from the very beginning. On the contrary, you will have to practice a lot. In order to cover the ground area, you should perform a move that is similar to sweeping. Imagine that you are at home and overlap the sweeps so as not to miss anything. Equally important is working in a pattern. Practically, you have to search the ground in a systematic way. As long as you remember to do this, you are not likely to come home empty-handed.