Tips to decorate your rental home in a rental-friendly way


We all love having a cute home, but when renting one, many of us think that they must leave it as it is: impersonal, boring and limited in decorative options. Nevertheless, there are plenty of decorations that work wonderfully on rentals, being easy to install and remove as the contract is no longer available. The main idea is to find items that look beautiful and suit your personality and integrating those in your new apartment. Below we have some examples of how to manage this.

Integrate smart storage options

If you can’t find a property with generous storage options, like the ones presented on this website, you should definitely consider investing in some sort of storage systems on your own. A small and affordable Ikea open bookcase, coupled with some woven baskets will work wonderfully on your new rental. Use the same system in various areas of your home: hallways, living room, and bedrooms, even bathrooms are highly suitable for such systems.

Changing the rental hardware will definitely make a difference

In terms of style, rental hardware is completely lacking it. You can easily procure hardware that suits your personality and preferences and replace the existing ones. When the time to leave comes, replace it. Or maybe, the owner will love your new setup so much, they will ask you to leave it.

Adhesive liner for cabinets is a must

Lining your cabinets with a clean new, adhesive liner will definitely make a difference. Worn our cabinets not only look disappointing, but they are also quite not hygienic. This will give them a fresh look and more safety. This is a fairly simple process, and you can simply remove the liner before leaving the rental.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

If nothing else is allowed, accessorize your rental home. This will make the home look more personal and living appropriate, it will make it appear more welcoming and it will perfectly reflect your style. Take this into consideration when moving into a rental home.

Hang some artsy pieces on your walls

Find some hanging wall art and find the perfect place for it. This will definitely personalise the space and give it a more individual air. Depending on the general style in which you decorate the rest of your rental, you must choose some pieces that will fit perfectly into the entire setup.

Invest in some good rugs

Rugs make an enormous difference when it comes to decorating your rental. They will make your new home appear more welcoming and warm. These items don’t have to be expensive, and if you are smart enough, you could invest in outdoor rugs. These are more affordable, pet-friendly and can be cleaned more easily.

These are some smart rental home decorating ideas that will make it feel like a real home. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend enormous amounts of money of these. Pick affordable, yet beautiful items and you will certainly create a more personal look.   


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