Tips to maintain the beauty of your carpets


If you have chosen to decorate your house, by using carpets, then you are the type of person who likes this type of articles and who is open to spend large sums of money on carpets. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a wide variety of items, which are made from quality fabrics, and imported from foreign countries. Carpets are available in a wide variety of textures, styles, materials and colours, and are widely used, because they not only that change the look of the room, they are installed in, but they also add warmth to the space. But, you will soon notice that the carpet starts to wear out and considering its price, you have to do something to prolong its life. The first step would be to invest in quality carpet cleaning products, because if you do not use reliable equipment and products, you might damage the fibre quality, and the colours will start to fade away. Here are some tips that would help you protect your carpets from daily tear and wear, and remove the dirt in an effective way.

Do not carpet high-traffic spaces

When you decide to install carpets in your house, you have to consider the high-traffic spaces, because it is not recommended to place them there. For example, you should not place carpets close to the door entryways, because they would wear easily, and you would waste your money for nothing. You should install carpets in the places where you want to create a cosy and warm atmosphere, as the bedrooms, living room, and dens.

Use doormats

The key of maintaining the beauty of your carpets is to minimize the dirt that comes into contact with them, and you can do this by placing a doormat. Also, you should ask your family members and friends to take off their shoes when they enter in a room where you have placed a carpet, and to even wipe their feet. For making your guests feeling more comfortable while visiting you, you could place a basket with flip-flops at the door entry, and ask them take a pair every time they come up.

 Vacuum the carpets

It is important to vacuum the carpets as often as possible, because in this way, the dirt does not have time to get in the depth of the fibres and they would be easier to clean. In addition, you should know that vacuuming not only that removes dirt and allergens, but also minimises the effects of foot traffic.

Using quality products

Alongside with vacuuming your carpets on a regularly basis, you should also use professional products to clean them once in a while. Depending on the type of carpets you have chosen, you would have to go on specialised stores, and purchase the chemicals designed for that particular types of fabrics and colours. It is important to purchase professional products because they contain quality ingredients that would not harm the quality and beauty of the carpets. Even if you might spend more on buying these products, you would save money on the long terms, because purchasing a new carpet is more expensive than cleaning it.