Wedding marquee trends – what is new this season

If you want to have that fairy type of wedding, you can create the perfect venue in your own garden by hiring a marquee company. There are many advantages of planning the big event in a marquee, such as you can place the tent nearly everywhere you like and you can opt for the right size in order to accommodate all your guests. You can search for a professional company on the internet and websites such as might be a good place to start. Here are the latest trends this season when it comes to marquee weddings.

Marquee villages – a popular choice

Today’s marquee weddings were taken to a different level, since nowadays when people hire a company that provides this type of services, they ask for not just one tent as it happened several years ago, but for several of them, which has lead to the appearance of marquee villages. This means that there are separate marquees for each specific area such as a bar area, a terrace, a dining area or a relaxing lounge area and all of them can be connected using covered paths.

Eco-friendly weddings using “green” marquees

The eco-friendly trend is present in all industries and the wedding industry is definitely no exception to the rule. Many people nowadays opt for having a “green” wedding in order to help a little bit saving the planet by reducing energy consumption as much as possible. You can go for a tent made of natural organic canvas and you can plan your wedding during the day in summer or spring for instance, in order to take advantage of natural sun light and reduce the energy consumption for lighting and heating.

It is all about the lighting

Lighting schemes in wedding marquees come in a range of options, since you can select from cosy low lighting to full scale lighting. If you want a more intimate atmosphere, the right choice for you is to have some table lamps or LED candles installed all over the tent, whereas if you want the location to be brighter, you can go for lighting rigs that project numerous coloured lights that differ according to the parts of the tent. Marquee equipment usually includes chandelier lighting, but if you want to create a more fairytale like atmosphere, you can add some candles or lamps for instance.

As you can see, these are some of the latest wedding marquee trends you might want to consider when planning your big event.