Where to go on your next road trip


It has been a while since you took time off from work, so you have decided to take a road trip. You have a KIA Sorento, which is the perfect crossover for a long journey across America. The car has excellent fuel economy and it gives you plenty of space. If you want such a great vehicle, know that Edmunds offers used KIA Sorento. You have checked the fluids, hoses, belts, tires, battery, air conditioning, basically everything. But did you decide where are you going to go? Chances are that you have not gone that far. If you are going to spend your vacation behind the wheel, make sure to visit the following places.

Historic Route 66  

If you have not been living under a rock, you have heard about the historic Route 66. Route 66 is basically a highway that ends in California, connecting urban and rural communities. What is so special about Route 66 is the fact that it marks the change of the American country. Before highways were adopted by the state, they were recognized with the help of colored bands on telegraph poles and they were owned by private organizations. The U.S. route is also known under the name of Will Rogers Highway. If you are ambitious enough, you can take Route 66 by yourself.

Tucson, Arizona

After you are done in Las Vegas, you can go visit Tucson, Arizona. Despite the fact that Tucson is very hot in the summer, you will be able to survive. Your KIA Sorento has air conditioning, after all. The City of Sunshine has many things to offer, like museums, studios, and mountain parks. One place worth visiting is Saguaro National Park. Here, you can see saguaro as well as cactuses, but what will impress you the most is the fauna. What kinds of animals roam around in Tucson? Black bears, birds, and reptiles.     

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is definitely a place you should go to. Even though it is not officially recognized as a national park, Monument Valley boasts with natural beauty.  If you do decide to go to this travel destination, you are in for a scenic drive. The valley was inhabited by the Navajo Indians for a good reason. The red spires, butts and rocks are simply beautiful. When the sun sets off, everything is invaded by a glorious light. Make sure to add Monument Valley to your must-see list.